Actors filmed by Mike Hawkins: Paul Le Mat, James Darren, Arnold Swarzenneger, Richard Dreyfuss, Cindy Williams, Liz Sheridan, Candy Clark, Bo Hopkins, Barney Martin, Tommy Sands, Kay Wheeler. Entertainers: Al Wilson, Gordon Stoker, D.J. Fontana, Scotty Moore, Tommy Sands, Rosie Hamlin, The Wonders, Hal Blain and many more!

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Hot Rods Across America was produced by Mike Hawkins in southern California when actor Paul Le Mat from American Graffiti was attending the car show circuit.  Part one is 32 minutes long and was distributed for a short time as only a few existed. Part 2 went worlwide and can be found at Amazon.comPart 3 has not been released since the passing of Manny Padia, though it will be released soon!

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